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Go!Learn is an award-winning educational program provided by Legence Bank to educate, inform, and encourage financial knowledge to the communities Legence Bank serves.

As our economy, culture, and society changes, the need for personal financial management grows. Legence Bank strives to provide the essential services their customers need and Legence Bank believes financial education is a growing need in communities across America.

Go!Learn programs reach children in kindergarten classes through young adults in high school and continuing education for adults. Legence Bank is proud to provide such invaluable and important programs to the people of Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana. 

GO!LEARN Program Flyer

To view a video about everything that Go!Learn does for our community, click on the video below: 

Simply choose one of the age groups below and begin learning! Thank you for choosing Go!Learn for your financial education needs!


Go!Learn – Early Elementary


Lucky would like to welcome you and your children to a fun page made just for your kids! Lucky knows a lot about making smart choices with his money and he often says, "Save some, spend some, and maybe even share some!" He wants to teach your kids about money and how they can make smart choices, too.

Check out the fun games and activities that Lucky has below. And keep an eye out for Lucky and LuLu around the community. They love giving high fives to Super Star Savers!


Click on the cool worksheets below and have fun! 


"The discussion of activities was on their knowledge level and very interesting to them. I personally feel that it is very important for students to learn how to save money. Great job making a fun lesson on such an important topic." 

– Blair Henson, 1st Grade Teacher at Eldorado Elementary School

"My class had a wonderful time and enjoyed the program! The worksheets really got them thinking and using money in ways that are real world."

– Jacquie Langley, Kindergarten Teacher at Eldorado Elementary School 

"The presenters were energetic, enthusiastic about the topic, and presented the material in an age appropriate manner. Lucky made a wonderful impression on the students because they still talk about him."

– Jordana Scher, 1st Grade Teacher at Gallatin County Elementary School

Online Privacy and Protecting Children Online

Legence Bank understands the importance of guarding the identity and privacy of children. Legence Bank provides the Go!Learn section of its website for the convenience and education of its customers and communities and their children. Legence Bank is committed to protecting the online privacy of the children who visit its website and we encourage parents, guardians and teachers to monitor and supervise the online interactions of children under the age of 13, including participating in any interactive activities offered on the website. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was passed to give parents increased control over websites and services directed to children under the age of 13, what information is knowingly collected from their children online and how such information is used. Legence Bank is committed to complying with the Children's Online Protection Act. Legence Bank does not intentionally market to or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13, nor is information knowingly collected from them.

Go!Learn - Late Elementary

Go!Learn – Middle School

Learn about budgeting in the real world.

Download the Common Cents handout.

Go!Learn – High School Curriculum

As you begin to gain independence, you will learn how essential it is to make smart life choices. Starting off on the right foot financially and making smart decisions with your money will benefit you throughout your life. To do this, it's helpful to have a clear picture of potential advantages and pitfalls you may face. 

Financial decisions can seem intimidating, but they don't have to be. We're here for you, and if you would like to learn more, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. We would love to help prepare you financially during this important time in your life.

Download the Go!Learn - Adulting 101 Curriculum Outline

Download the Go!Learn High School Presentation.

Download the Go!Learn High School Banking Basics Handout.


"Establishing communication between a bank and a young adult removes many barriers that might exist because of fear of the unknown or perhaps prior examples set by family members, etc. The presentation has a large impact on their financial futures."

– Teresa Boulds, Consumer Education Teacher at Eldorado High School

"The curriculum serves as a valuable foundation for teaching life application skills related to banking. Legence Bank's initiative to educate and inform students in the school setting is greatly appreciated and highly valued."

– Jeffrey Herrmann, Math Teacher at Gallatin County Junior High School

Go!Learn - College

Download the Go!Learn College Presentation

Go!Learn – Continuing Education Curriculum

There are always opportunities for personal growth and development in every area of your life, no matter your age. Financial Literacy is not a class from which you graduate – it continuously changes and grows with you.

Legence Bank now offers information on a wide variety of financial subjects that we feel can benefit you. We invite you to browse these topics and see which could be a fit for you. If you see something that interests you and you would like to learn more, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Your security is of utmost importance at Legence Bank. We believe that a strong defense against fraud and theft is for us to keep you as informed as possible. 

Watch a video on Fraud Prevention and Security, which is full of practical tips on how to best protect you and your family from fraud.

Learn more about banking basics. Download this helpful handout.

We would be honored to be a source of financial knowledge for you and your family, and as always, thank you for choosing Legence Bank!