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IntraFi® Network DepositsSM

IntraFi Network Deposits are a smart, convenient cash management or longer term investment tools to safeguard your large deposits over the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000.

Earn interest on your business’s deposits with FDIC insured accounts today. Our IntraFi Network Deposit options, ICS®, the IntraFi Cash ServiceSM, and CDARS®, offer a simplified and secure financial solution amidst the marketplace. Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on checking, savings, money market, and CD deposit accounts and experience the convenience of one consolidated statement.

What are the Benefits of IntraFi Network Deposits? 


Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind knowing your funds are eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance protection. 

Time Savings

You will have time savings by working directly with us, a bank you know and trust, instead of managing multiple bank relationships, manually consolidating bank statements, and tracking collateral. 

Earn Interest

You will earn interest with cash balances in checking, savings, or money market deposit accounts with one rate. 

Maintain Liquidity

You will maintain liquidity with flexibility and access to your funds placed in checking, savings, or money market deposit accounts. 

Support Local

You will be supporting local by placing the full amount of your funds through IntraFi Network Deposits you support lending opportunities that build our communities stronger. 


How Does IntraFi Network Deposits Work? 

How the IntraFi Network works


How it Works

Through just your relationship with us, you can access FDIC insurance from many. Legence Bank is a member of the IntraFi network. When we place your deposit through IntraFi Network Deposits, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000. The amounts are then placed into deposit accounts at multiple FDIC-insured banks. You’ll receive one statement from us and access key details about your accounts online, 24/7.

How it Works: IntraFi Cash Service

How it Works: Depositor Control Panel

How it Works: Cash Management


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