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Our check fraud control service helps you make faster and informed decisions about suspicious check activity with information reporting of exception items and user-defined controls.

  • Access many exception types, including:
    • Checks paid not on file
    • Checks paid with duplicate serial numbers
    • Checks with a paid amount differing from the file
    • Zero serial number
    • Checks cancelled
    • Checks exceeding a maximum dollar amount
    • Stale – dated checks
  • How does the service work?
    • Conveniently access within digital banking
    • Use a variety of delivery methods to upload check information into our digital banking platform
    • Service compares the check number, account number, amount, and date of each item with your file information
    • Checks that do not reconcile with your information are presented to you as exceptions
    • View exceptions online for approval of pay or return decisions
    • Easy submission for return decisions online