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Make purchases virtually anywhere — online or in store.

  • Free with any Legence Bank checking account
  • Make purchases virtually anytime anywhere — in a store or online
  • Enjoy extra security with EMV chip technology
  • Anytime access to account balance
  • No additional charges or interest payments
  • View an accurate record or transactions
  • Easily withdraw funds from ATMs
  • Safer than carrying cash and more universally accepted than checks
  • Eliminate costs associated with checks and paper waste
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen


Tokenization & Mobile Wallets

Customer FAQs

Which six mobile wallets are compatible with Legence Bank debit cards?

As of January 21, 2020, there are 6 mobile wallets which work with our debit cards:  Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, LG Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.  We do have a few device considerations to ensure it will best work for you:  the device should be compatible, your device’s operating system should be up to date, and you must have a lock on your device to enable their mobile wallet.  Please note that both personal and business debit cards may be added to the mobile wallet of your choice.

Note that some devices have more than one mobile wallet as an option (for example a Samsung Galaxy phone may use Samsung Pay and/or Google Pay).   Each mobile wallet will work on numerous device types within that brand – so Apple Pay works on compatible iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, AND Apple Watches, and each of those devices need their own unique token activated if they wish.   


What are the two major benefits of tokenization?

  • The transmission of that purchase is secure, and so is the merchant’s database that retains that dynamic token rather than your static card information. 
  • The transaction is much faster than an EMV Chip card transaction in stores.  It may also speed up and simplify online and in-app purchases, pre-filling known information on your behalf like shipping and billing info.


How does a user set up their mobile wallet? 

On each compatible device, you will have a mobile wallet app.  For some, it is a default app that came with your phone.  For others, you will need to download the appropriate app.  When you launch that wallet, it will prompt you to add your debit card information.  You may scan your Legence Bank debit card in or enter the card information manually.  Once you add it and accept the Terms & Conditions, you will have one of two experiences:


  • You will receive a push notification from your mobile wallet notifying you that your mobile wallet is ready for use, or
  • You will be prompted to further validate your new card.  You may have up to two options to do so, but the most popular option is to call our toll-free number.  When you call, please ask for our eBranch Department in order to have your token activated.  Once a token is activated, you are ready to use that mobile wallet in stores as well as for online/in-app purchases and much more.     
  • Here are some great online resources on setting up a card through a mobile wallet:

Apple Pay:  

Samsung Pay:

Google Pay:

LG Pay:




How exactly do you use a mobile wallet in a store?

This process varies from device to device.  It will also continue to evolve as new technology is implemented.  It is also dependent on your device security settings – meaning do you use Touch ID? FaceID?  IRIS?  PIN?  There are great online resources out there which explain each task on each specific device.  The great news is that it is a VERY simple process which generally takes less than 5 seconds.


Should they still carry their physical debit card?

We highly recommend that you do still carry your physical debit card on you, as not all merchants accept mobile wallets yet.  However, if a given store DOES accept mobile wallets, you may simply make your purchase with your phone or wearable, and you won’t even have to pull your physical card out for that purchase. 


What if your debit card currently added in your mobile wallet is affected?  Will the mobile wallet still work?

No, your debit card must be activated, open, and added/authenticated in the mobile wallet for a transaction to take place. 


What if you received a card reissue and it has a new expiration date? 

You should go into your mobile wallet and update the expiration date.


What if you received a brand new card because of card compromise, a breach, etc.?

You will need to activate the new card, then go into their wallet and add the new card and fully authenticate it.  You should also delete the old card, as it will no longer work.


Some stores say they accept mobile wallets, but it just won’t work there. Why?

Just like we have processes on our end to launch mobile wallets, merchants have tasks on their end as well to accept mobile wallets. Merchants must regularly update their software to acknowledge new tokens as they are created.  You may occasionally find that some merchants don’t accept our mobile wallets yet, but I’m sure they soon will. They just need to update their software on their end.  One notable example of this is McDonald’s.  Though it does not work there quite yet, please keep trying because they will do their part and it will simply begin working, region by region. 


Why do some stores still ask for my card PIN on the card terminal after I authenticate through my mobile wallet? 

This is a decision the merchant has made in how they process the mobile wallet transactions.  Legence Bank didn’t define which stores do that and when – the store did.  Sometimes they require it based on the amount of your purchase, and some require it for all mobile wallet transactions at that store.  Even with this extra step, the transaction can still be approved in well under 10 seconds.