Visa Debit Card

Having access to a Visa® debit card is the same thing as having access to your account balance, whenever you need it. The power of Visa allows you to make purchases virtually anywhere—online or in-store.

And the very same card is used to withdraw funds from ATMs. With no additional fees or interest owed, debit cards provide so much benefit for such a tiny package.

  • Free with any Legence Bank checking account
  • Make purchases virtually anytime anywhere - in a store or online
  • Anytime access to account balance
  • No additional charges or interest payments
  • View an accurate record or transactions
  • Easily withdraw funds from ATMs
  • Safer than carrying cash and more universally accepted than checks
  • Eliminate costs associated with checks and paper waste
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

Legence Bank will soon begin providing cardholders with new EMV chip cards.  EMV chip cards do everything that traditional debit cards do but are even more secure.  To learn more about chip cards in general, check out the information below.


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SPIN allows a user to send money from their Legence Bank checking account to someone else’s checking account through the recipient’s debit card in REAL TIME.

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