Christmas Club Savings

Save little by little for a Christmas experience for the history books. Holiday-induced financial stress is 100% avoidable by starting early. Simply determine a savings goal, then we'll help you organize weekly installments to keep you on track.

The whole time you're setting aside funds, you're also earning competitive interest and not paying a dime in monthly service fees. Then come late October, you'll receive your savings with plenty of time for the legendary holiday shopping extravaganza you've planned all year.

  • Save for the Christmas season year-round
  • Avoid holiday-induced financial stress
  • Competitive interest on entire balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • Building savings is easy:
    • Decide opening balance and contribution level based on maturity goal
    • Arrange weekly contributions utilizing automatic transfers 
  • Make 50 weekly payments, then receive a bonus payment on us!
  • Funds disbursed in late October, just in time to hit the stores
  • Early withdrawal subject to penalty
  • Free online banking

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