Bill Pay FAQs

How can I begin to use Bill Payment?

If you are set up to pay bills online, simply click on the Bill Payment Tab within Internet Banking and set up your Payees. Enter the name of the payee, then a few details about that payee (it helps to have a current bill in front of you). Once you confirm that the information for this new payee is correct, you are ready to make a payment to that payee. Once you enter this information, it will be saved under that payee name for future use.

Why are the delivery dates for some of my payees different than others?

Bill Payments can be sent on your behalf in two ways. The first way is to send payments electronically. If a payee is set up to be able to receive electronic payments, they will be sent in this manner. This is the fastest option to send a bill payment. Generally, larger corporations will have the capability to receive electronic payments. If a payee is not set up to receive electronic payments, a paper check will be sent on your behalf. These payees have a delivery date set further out to allow for the time it takes to mail the payment on your behalf.

I made a mistake on a payment I made just now. Can I edit a pending payment?

You can edit as well as cancel a payment while it is under the Pending Payments header on the right. Once it processes and moves to Processed Payments, changes cannot be made. However, the best way to assure that this does not happen is to double-check all information you input before submitting it.

I have multiple accounts and want to pay bills out of each of them. Can I do that?

Funding accounts can be added, edited, and deleted according to your wishes. If you have multiple funding accounts, always look at the "Pay From" box at the top of your list of payees before paying a bill to assure that you are paying the bill out of the account you prefer.

I need to update my e-mail address that is used for Bill Payment. How do I do this?

Simply contact Legence Bank and ask for the eBranch. We will be able to update your information for you.