Smart Remote Deposit

No more back-and-forth trips or hiring a carrier to deposit your several outgoing checks. Smart Remote Deposit allows you to simply scan checks, then send them on their way.

An electronic image of the check is stored and can be retrieved at any time for view. Realize funds quicker and save a lot of valuable time and resources in the process by signing up for Smart Remote Deposit today.

  • Deposit checks anytime via a convenient desktop scanner
  • Checks are scanned, then converted to an electronic image
  • File transmission is securely encrypted from your office to the bank
  • Create a retrievable archive of check images and generate reports
  • Faster availability of funds
  • Enjoy a later daily processing deadline
  • Know exactly when deposits are received
  • Save on packaging/postage materials
  • Save valuable time and resources; fewer bank trips necessary

To learn more about Smart Remote Deposit, click on the video below to see a short demonstration of this great service.

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