You already have enough paperwork to keep track of; create one less by going paperless today. eStatements provide anytime access to your statement from anywhere with internet access.

They also cut down on clutter, paper waste, and time spent searching for a past statement. They even provide greater security—by eliminating a paper trail of private information, you also reduce the risk of that information getting into the wrong hands.

  • Free, secure service for Legence Bank business customers
  • Access statements anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Access statements sooner; no more waiting on the mail
  • Avoid paper storage hassles and time wasted searching for a particular statement
  • Greater security; eliminate a paper trail of your private information from being intercepted
  • More environmentally friendly than paper statements
  • Easily print or download to your computer or other storage device


Activate eStatements by filling out this convenient online form.

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