Mobile Deposit

Deposit your check using the camera on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. No more worries about finding time in your schedule to visit your local branch. Simply take a photo of the front and back of your check from within our Legence App and, once approved, the deposit will be credited to your account accordingly.

The Legence Bank App now meets more of your banking needs than ever!


Mobile Deposit is an amazingly intuitive feature available within our app.  The process of submitting a Mobile Deposit is quick and easy, and we'd like to relay a few best practices while using this service so that you may do so with ease. 

To make your first Mobile Deposit, simply log in to your Legence Bank app, tap on the Menu button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, and then tap on the Deposit Checks option.Mobile Deposit limits are set to accept deposits of $3,000.00 or less.  This is a limit per user and per business day.  Should you have multiple checks that accrue to $3,000.01 or more, simply deposit those that you may while staying within your limit and then deposit the rest on the following business day. 

The cutoff time for Mobile Deposit is 4:00 PM CST on each business day, which is when our bank branches move to the next business day.  Any deposit that is submitted prior to the cutoff time and that is approved will be available the following business day.  Any deposit that is submitted after the cutoff time and that is approved will be available on the 2nd business day.  For example, any deposit submitted on a Monday morning will be available first thing Tuesday morning.  Any deposit submitted on Monday evening will be available first thing Wednesday morning.

Effective July 1, 2018, all checks submitted through Mobile Deposit must have a proper restrictive endorsement.  Prior to making your mobile deposit, please sign the back of your check, then print "For Mobile Deposit Only" underneath your signature.  

Once a check is submitted through Mobile Deposit, please store that check in a secure place for 60 days.  60 days after your deposit has posted properly to your account, you may destroy your check properly by shredding it.

Each Mobile Deposit may only include one check.  Should you have multiple checks, they should be deposited separately one at a time.

After a Mobile Deposit submission, you may check the status of your Mobile Deposit by referring back to your app and checking your recent Mobile Deposit history on the Deposit Checks screen.  In addition, you will receive a confirmation email that your Mobile Deposit was received when it is submitted.  You will also receive an additional confirmation email when a decision is made on whether or not to approve and accept your Mobile Deposit. 

There are a few types of checks which we will be unable to accept through Mobile Deposit, and they include:  checks made payable to a business, trust, or estate when deposited to a personal account, third party checks, checks from a foreign country, and checks previously deposited through Mobile Deposit.  Please review your Go!Legence Terms & Conditions for a full listing.

As you may have seen, this intuitive feature within your app now rounds out the amazing suite of banking services you may complete in the palm of your hand.  Just sign, snap, and send.  Should you need additional information regarding Mobile Deposit, please feel free to contact us.

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