Certificates of Deposit

Even if your goals are far off, the key to reaching them is nearby. Legence Bank CDs provide a wide range of terms to meet a wide range of needs and timeframes. Earn at a fixed rate that's higher than regular savings.

With a timeframe you decide and set rates, CDs provide greater control over savings goals and way more guarantee than other risky investments. Plant your goals in solid ground with a no-surprise CD from Legence Bank.

  • Fixed interest rates for guaranteed savings
    • Rates higher than regular savings
    • Rates increase with the length of the term
    • Interest accrues daily and is compounded and credited monthly
  • Select the maturity date that works best for you
    • Wide range of terms from 1 month to 5 years
  • May be used as collateral for a loan
  • Subject to penalty for early withdrawal
  • Automatic renewal at the previous rate and term if funds are not withdrawn within 10 business day grace period/ 10 days of maturity
  • CDARS available for deposits over $250,000
  • $1,000 minimum deposit to open on terms of one year or less
  • $500 minimum deposit to open on terms of 18 months and above

Rather than managing your larger funds through multiple banking relationships, Legence Bank will handle it for you. CDARS provide full FDIC coverage on savings over $250,000 without adding on extra workload. On your end, you'll receive one interest rate, one regular statement, one year-end tax form, and one banking relationship—keeping your life easier.

  • Earn CD-level rates; higher than regular savings or some other investment options
  • Greater security; multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage
  • Convenience; everything is managed by us:
  • You earn one interest rate
  • You receive one regular statement
  • You receive one year-end tax form
  • Community investment; help support lending opportunities in your local community
  • Flexible maturity periods available

To learn more about the easiest, most convenient way to protect your large deposits, contact a Legence Bank customer service representative at (800)360-8044.

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