Legence Loves Local


Legence Bank knows that WHERE SMALL BUSINESSES PROSPER, COMMUNITIES FLOURISH.  Thus, Legence Bank is encouraging our communities to eat and shop locally on a regular basis and publicize their support via facebook, Instagram, or twitter by using specific hashtags and commenting on their experience and how much they love to shop local.  Those who participate are entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card redeemable at  - where else? - a locally owned and operated business of the winner's choice!

This is an excellent opportunity for our team and the community to help improve the financial stability of the community.  Recirculating money in our community helps create a stronger, more prosperous local economy.  Please look to local businesses first and keep the bucks here EVERY DAY and all day long!

To show your support for this initiative, SNAP A PHOTO of you in any local establishment and post it on facebook, Instagram, or twitter using the hashtags listed below!



To view a flyer on this great initiative, simply click on the image below: